What Does a Conversion Rate Optimization Manager Do?

Learn what does a conversion rate optimization manager do? Get expert SEO guide on how to maximize conversions with CRO strategies.

What Does a Conversion Rate Optimization Manager Do?

Conversion rate optimization specialists are responsible for optimizing the company's lead generation and conversion strategy. With the emergence of digital marketing and SaaS, this is one of the most important functions within marketing teams. A conversion rate optimization specialist is a hybrid of a business analyst job combined with a digital marketing position. They will help you understand how your customers use your website and interact with your social media posts better than speculation or a survey.

The CRO specialist will be able to analyze this data and make recommendations. Even small adjustments to the language or the way information is shared can have a big impact on its effectiveness. Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of improving your website to increase the number of leads you generate. CRO is achieved through content improvements, split testing, and workflow improvements.

Conversion rate optimization results in highly qualified leads, higher revenues, and lower acquisition costs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

(CRO) adapts your site to conversions, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing a product. There are multiple conversion rate optimization frameworks that can help conversion rate optimizers plan and execute optimization campaigns. Different companies will define a conversion differently, whether it's a sale, an engagement, or just a potential customer.

So, if you had 500 submissions and 20,000 visitors last quarter, your conversion rate would be 2.5%. In some cases, having a full form can work wonders, while in many other cases, concise forms can be enough to drive conversions up the chart. In other words, creating a fluid and easy-to-navigate website is the key to increasing conversions and your brand reputation. For example, if you increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, you would double your leads and your customers.

Strategic management is the continuous planning, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of all the needs an organization needs. You want to drive more traffic from the qualified website to those posts and you can do so by optimizing the content of the search engine results page (SERP) or updating it as needed to ensure that it is up to date and relevant. Here are some conversion rate optimization marketing strategies applicable to test and implement in your company: ADT, a Tyco International company that offers security solutions for businesses and properties, corrected its CTA wording from “Book a Free Survey” to “Get a Free Quote” and saw a 60% increase in its conversion rate. Nowadays, most marketers believe that using conventional conversion rate optimization strategies still works wonders for their businesses; however, adopting new and improved techniques such as website personalization is essential for success.

Studying customer data and psychology can help you accurately identify the real reasons why users do what they do on your site. RIPT Apparel, an online retail store based in Chicago, increased its conversion rate by 6.3% just by changing its call-to-action color from black to green. A CRO test involves adding, reorganizing, and redesigning elements on your website to maximize your conversions.